Recharge Voucher

The Need

In Tanzania for a retailer to sell recharge vouchers he needs to invest capital to purchase minimum required quantities for voucher and with click pay Africa agents will definitely supported to coplmy with rusha attribute for them to have similar Business but with wide range of coverage and hence bust E -voucher which we believe it coming airtime recharge alternative.

Target Customers
  • All mobile phone users
  • Small Retailers

Future Plans

In the next five years Click Pay Africa intends

To have integrated fully with all telecom operators.

To have integrated fully with at least 200 utility companies.

To have point of sales systems distributed in all regions of Tanzania, including relatively small towns

To have over 100,000 retailers using our aggregated recharge voucher system.

To be a recognized and the preferred brand in mobile payments.

To have innovated new mobile payments products to respond to market Challenges.


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